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with a campaign debt saying she's nod considered a serious candidate. >> leon pan netta says the u.s. military was prepared to respond in ab attack in which a u.s. diplomat was killed and said the military did not intervene because the attack was over before the u.s. knew what's happening. saying commanders felt they should not put americans at right after this wk out realtime information. the ambassador libya was killed along with three others at the u.s. consulate in benghazi on september 11th. >> we'll move on. coming up next it may be time to upgrade your computer. >> microsoft launches a redesign of windows operating system. there is a lot riding on it. >>> we're continuing to watch game two of the world series. it's the bottom of the 5th. >> and we're hoping for the same thing tonight. i think that is wishful thinking. still to come, they could not sleep tight because bed bugs well they started to bite. >> how mike yi finney helped a bay area couple rest a bit ease year. stay with us. >>> microsoft today officially released windows 8. >> the system, it hopes will bridge the gap between p
panels could power the economy. romney did admit saying troubled u.s. auto makers should go bankrupt. >> you say i wanted to take the auto industry bankrupt, you did. and i think it's important to know that that was a process necessary to get those companies back on their feet. so they can start hiring more people that. is what i recommended and what happened. >> romney is overstating his position. gm and chrysler got $80 billion in federal funds when researchers say was an important factor in their recovery. abc 7 judges he doesn't feel it will have impact on the race. >> i think most people that are doing any kind of modeling looking at the fundamentals think this will settle into the two to three point difference. >> we won't see the post debate polling until end of the week. expect a one or two point swing at the most. >> these important. thank you. >> thank you. >> reminder now final debate set for monday in florida with a focus on foreign policy. we'll be carrying it live monday at 6:00 p.m. >> on this date in 1989 big one hit northern california. today marks 23rd anniversary o
. hurricane sandy has that yet made landfall in the u.s. but its fierce winds and rain still are making travel difficult in ocean city, maryland. maryland has already declared a state of emergency. after being briefed by federal officials on the movement of the storm, president obama had this to say -- my main message to everybody involved, we have to take this seriously. my message to the governors and the mayors is, anything they need, we will be there. >> many or heeding the warnings, from north carolina to maine. >> i don't know what to expect at this point. we had irene here, had winds of 80 miles-per-hour sustained, and that was -- >> forecasters fear sandy could u-merge with the cold front, bringing up to a foot of rain in parts. heavy snow could also be possible in the appalachian mountain region, public transportation in new york and new jersey is ramping down, and officials in new york city announced the evacuation of 375,000 residents in low-lying areas. new york city mayor michael bloomberg had a message for those considering riding out the storms. >> if you don't evacuate you're n
dentally with the america's cup world series with the largest u.s. audience, cats racing in the bay while the air show goes overhead. and the likelihood giants will be in town and there is more. >> this general manager at the w hotel with 50,000 just for that. wednesday night, pearl jam plays their party on treasure island. this is meaning restaurant business is up. >> this is wonderful. more, the merrier. >> there likely will be more. niners have a home game. so does stanford. >> probably the best week i've seen in 36 years. >> there is a comparison to the super bowl. it makes the prize for starting off in beautiful fashion. >> this is wonderful. >> like this all the time here. >> and is this? >> yes. >> having fun with tourists z this is reporting from the marina green, mark matthew autos there is a guide online for you for this week and weekend. just go to abc 7 news.com and you'll find where to go and what to do and to avoid traffic jams in san francisco. >> there is a lot going on z one way to avoid traffic jams is public transportation, bikes may be a bit of a toss up. taking a look
30th. police work wtd fbi and u.s. attorneys to build a case. and. >> we have taken time to measure twice and cut once now we're happy to be with -- charging this guy with a homicide charge. >> he's accused of killing a 25-year-old and 27-year-old in what police say was a gang related shooting. >> in san jose there is a stolen puppy back in the arms of his young owner, take a look. this is the tearful reunion between the 10-year-old and her little dog, nico. thieves stole the dog on monday and yesterday, she pleaded for his safe return offering her piggy bank savings. today, they came forward saying a woman gave her the puppy after finding it wandering in a parking lot. >> i think thank you to everybody. and there is i just can't believe it right now. and this is so happy, now. >> amid hugs and tears firefighters presented her with a $6,000 check. she accepted that check and did not take marisa's piggy bank money. >> so sweet. so happy for her. >> yes. yes. >> she was so hurt. >> coming up blue angels back and have begun a practice run as we continue tonight on abc 7 news we're goin
. the president trying to tackle a serious question about the attack on the u.s. conlit in benghazi, libya. >> if four americans get killed it's not optimal. >> right. >> we're going to fix it. >> the mother of one of the victims, sean smith told a blogger quote it's insensitive to say my son is not very optimal. he's also very dead. very not been optimal since he died and the past few weeks have been hell. he died alongside chris stevens, the u.s. ambassador in libya. >> the president may have gained a slight advantage today in several battle ground states. state by state unemployment figures show jobless rates have fallen in seven of the nine states that are still up for grabs. nevada and north carolina still have high rates. but the numbers have improved there as well as in florida and colorado. wisconsin and ohio have now fallen below flagsal average. numbers are due out november 2, just four days before election day. >> a popular spray on sun screen sk recalled after reports it caused five people to catch on fire. it's ultramist version of the banana boat brand. it ignites when expose
never apologized. the closest was when he said the u.s. played a role in the 1953 overthrow of a democraticly elected government in iran. but mr. obama countered that mentioned by saying islamic revolution played it's own role in hostage taking and acts of violence. another was over romney claiming credit for high educational test scores when governor of massachusetts. >> republicans and democrats came together to put in place education principle that's focused on having great teachers in the classroom. >> but that was 10 years before you took office. >> massachusetts test scores were among the nation's highest before mitt romney took office. but what about the president's claim romney would have let u.s. auto maker goes belly up. >> if we had taken your advice we'd be buying cars from china. >> the president is wrong when he said romney favored letting auto companies go under. he wanted loan guarantees for troubled ought yoi makers. the economy was crashing and investors weren't stepping up to bail out chrysler or general motors. >> and then, there was russia. >> i'm glad t
. >> details emerging about two men linked to the u.s. consulate attack in libya. reports say a militant suspected of involvement has been killed in egypt. another suspect is now in custody. so far thorkts not saying what role twoz men paid in the attack that killed ambassador chris stevens but secretary of state clinton responded today to a report that a militant group claimed responsibility for the attack in e mails while those attacks were taking place. >> postinging is on face book is not evidence and... i think it just under scores how fluid the recording was at the time and continues for some time to be. >> agroup denied claims the day after they were made. republicans are seizing on the e mails to boost al gaigs the attack was or chess straighted by terrorists and not a spontaneous demonstration. >> a man who plotted to blow up los angeles international airport will spend 37 years in prison. authorities arrested him in 1999. they say he drove a car full of plochlsives and was arrested in seattle. prosecutors said if he had carried out his mission, hundreds and maybe thousands of p
districts are using in that direction and the u.s. is falling the rest of the world. >> california most famous landmarks is about to get a makeover. there is workers began stripping the letters down to sheet metal so they can be primed and given a coat of paint. it will take 10 weeks to finish and should be finished in time to celebrate the 90th anniversary next year. it went up in 1923 to promote a real estate develop called hollywoodland but land vanished over the years. >> still looking good. >> there is a a look back on ahas been the final day of triple digit heat there are clover dale 102. 100 degrees in clear lake and napa. there is 101 in antioch there is three records for the date. there is pretty hot weather notice highs from about 10-20 degrees lower than today's high there is afternoon hours from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. we'll see sunny skies and winds at about 10-20 knots and mild. there are cooling continuing throughout the weekend by the end of the week highs inland only into upper 70s and low 70s around the bay. and there is where you can be a big winner, friends are eligible an
and that would help the prices. >> and there are u.s. epa rarely grants waivers. last one was after hurricane katrina. and because california has special restrictions to ensure we have cleanest gas in the world this state new sign off first. >> there is a layer of activity that has to take place legally. >> and there is not everyone thinks california should switch so soon when temperatures can be on the high side thchl week, parts of the state suffered through a heat wave. and this is california gasoline that cuts emissions that causes smog. >> with the exxon mobile torrance refinery back on line, supply should increase, wholesale prices dropped 40 cents to 50 cents but won't be reflected at the pump until next week, expect prices to stay high for a few more days. the oil industry says california needs to build more refineries, pipelines and storage but that is not as easy as it seem autos difficulty is that californians don't want to have facilities that they perceive to be degrading that environment. on the other hand they to have cheap gas. this is the conflict. >> there is no time line to
and u.s. chamber of commerce paid for this ad and is spending million as tacking democrats and their director tells abc 7 news the path to maintaining a pro business majority goes through the golden state. ricky gill told me the support is only natural. >> there are owe folks i think are going to flock to outside groups. >> jerry mcnerny has an advantage in registered voters and this democratic party stands up for the middle class. >> abc 7 news bruce cane says this race and others brought clinton to davis are exactly the kind of small to median campaigns where the citizen unite a decision on contributions can have biggest impacts. >> you're more likely to be able to get by to and get noticed in smaller markets so i can see where phone shall for money making is great in california. >> and political circles you can hear chatter about impact. our analyst says take a look at the small and medium market races in california central valuey and other places. that is where the money is going make the biggest difference ask have the biggest impact. >> that is interesting. thank you
defended level of security at u.s. consulate in libya where an attack killed chris stevens and three other americans. there is a committee that began hearings on the failure that's led to the september 11th attacks by extremists in benghazi. they testified about the difficulty of getting state department approval. >> this is dealing and fighting against people, programs, and personnel sup poet poesed to be supporting me. for me, tally ban is on the inside of the building. >> the state department said five security agents were requested that night and five agents were there. oof having an extra half dozen guards or agents would not have enabled to us respond to that kind of assault. >> and they did admit it was not a protest against an antimuslim film but a terrorist attack. >> middle of the night call from sweden brought news a researcher was one of two recipients for a nobel prize in chem tri. and laifd louie has the story. >> e mails have been pouring in since he received a call at 2:20 in the morning, he's the 27th recipient of the nobel prize. >> and i don't think it means my work is b
stevens when a group attacked the u.s. consulate in benghazi. secretary clinton saying security decisions were her responsibility. the group claiming responsibility for the attack may be connected to al qaed yachl the white house launched drones to track them down. ambassador stevens will be honor md a memorial starting tomorrow at 4:30 at san francisco city hall. >> a new california law makes it a crime to smuggle cell phones into state prisons. it's been a big problem. nannette miranda reports 20 state workers have a lot of their jobs this year. >> and a new report from california prison says 20 workers resigned or were fired for smuggling illegal cell phones into state prison. some did it for love. >> sometimes, some do develop an inappropriate relationship with inmates. cell phones are introduce that had way to keep in contact with that inmate when not at prison. >> the report compiled noted cases were an inmate was caught with nude photos sent to him by a female guard and an office worker snuck in a phone to one inmate suspected of fathering her child. the former workers charged with
but none of it is weapons grade. and experts say the u.s. would likely no well in advance if iran tried to enrich it for use in a nuclear bomb but this back and forth over whose facts to believe is not what will decide the election says bruce cane. he believes voters will be move bid what is ahead. >> going to be decided on which vision of how to proceed going forward is the one that the american public wants. so it's -- facts have to be marshaled under a larger theme. both sides have to do better than they have he believes both need to articulate that vision. what happened last night just raises stakes for the next debate. >> yeah. >> it does. on that subject you'll be back for another fact check next week. the next debate will be on tuesday. the president and mitt romney meet in hofstra university in new york. this will be a town hall format. abc 7 will carry it live tuesday at 6:00 p.m. >> california public utilities commission commission is blaming pg&e mismanagement for rejection of a plan to have ratepayers foot most of the bill for fixing pipelines. pg&e said customers should pay
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14